Chow Chow The Cute Fuzzy Dog


The Chow Chow originated in China. This dog breed is classified as a member of the Non-Sporting group by the American Kennel Club. They were used as Hunting dogs in China. They were brought to England by Asian sailors. Chow Chows are seventeen to twenty inches high and weigh around forty five to seventy pounds.

It has a thick double coat which comes in different colors like blue, black, cream or cinnamon, though the red Chow Chow is most common. They have a back tongue with a blue tint. Their blue tongue is totally normal and you should not be concerned about it. They have down turned lips which give them a misleading angry appearance. They also have a curling tail over its back.

These dogs love to play with children though they do not go well with other dogs or pets. They can become unfriendly to people outside the family. The dog may bully you if you are an inexperienced dog owner. You will have to be strict with these dogs else they will dominate you. You must make sure that they follow all your commands in a proper way.

Chow Chows are not suitable for apartment life. A small fenced yard is with a PetSafe Wireless Fence ideal for them. However if you live in an apartment, then you must take your dog for regular walks. Do not allow your dog to run loose in the park, they are known for their ferociousness towards other dogs. They are not very energetic animals and require little exercise. To socialize your puppy, you should get them enrolled into puppy obedience classes. They will receive obedience training and the classes will make sure that they do not grow up to be dangerous or aggressive to strangers.

These dogs do not eat a lot. You should feed your dog with proper nutritious food whether it is a young dog or an adult one. They have thick coats and so they require regular grooming. Their coats are hard to brush because they are so dense. They should not spend too much time outside in summers since their thick coat does not prevent them from heat and they can have problems. They are also prone to develop hip dysplasia and knee joint problems.

Chow Chows are these cute, fuzzy bear like dogs who can be your perfect companion. They have a bit of an attitude problem, and if you are okay with it, then they can be your perfect dog. There is nothing like hugging these small dogs on a winter night!

George Wood


Hunting Dogs – Locating The Best Breed Of Hunting Dogs

So many decades ago, people have been training dogs for hunting, most hunters like taking dogs along for hunting, but not every kind of dog is for hunting, Hunting dogs must be trained, The importance of the hunting dog can not be over emphasised, since it is needed for many different reasons in hunting.

A hunting dog can be used to chase the hunted animals from their hiding places making it easy to hunt; the hunting dog also helps the hunter to trap down animals.

In other to select the best dog for hunting you should understand some important facts like the abilities of the dog to receive training easily, the exact purpose of the hunting dog is the power of its sense of smell – this is a vital point to look out for in Hunting Dogs for sale.

Get The Breed of Hunting Dogs

Some dogs are naturally hunter in the sense that they possess the natural abilities to hunt even without training. A suitable example is the breed of dogs called hounds; They are very good hunters because they can really smell very well, with the ability to track down different smells at the same time.

There are different types of hunting dogs, and they are classified into gun dogs, general hunting dog, bird dogs, retrievers etc.

Trackers and Hounds

Different kinds of animals are trapped down by the trackers and hounds breed, a good example of this is the Bloodhounds. The special characteristic feature of this type of breed is their high capacity to perceive smells.


This breed of hunting dogs are used to retrieve every animal hunted by the hunter. The retrievers easily swim in water and as such are good retrievers in a hunt of ducks.

Pointers and Setters

As the name implies this breed of hunting dogs provide good foresight for the hunter, in the sense that they possess the ablity to point to the exact locations of the prey. The pointer and setters are perfect companions on any hunting trip and don’t forget your tritronics collar to maintain control over these big running dogs.

by Abhishek Agarwal

Strategies For Saltwater Fishing From The Shore


Did you know that saltwater fishing from shore is an exciting way to catch many different species of fish? It offers opportunities that you won’t have with any other type of fishing.

When shore fishing you can take a small boat out to the coves and other unpopulated areas to reach places where many species are just waiting for a serious angler to come along and entice them. You also have the option of fishing off rocks, piers, docks and the shoreline. This is great for people that do not have access to a boat every time they want to go fishing.

With all the different types of saltwater fish found in the oceans comes a variety of strategies to help you catch the most possible fish every time you go out.

When it comes to being successful a lot of saltwater shore fishing is based on experience and trial and error. However, there are a few strategies that can add to your success and help you improve your skills at saltwater fishing.

Strategies Used for Shore Fishing

One of the biggest problems anglers encounter is not being able to get the bait to where the fish are. Therefore, you need to try different methods until you find one that gets the bait in the middle of fish.

How deep you need to fish will depend on the type of species you are fishing for and the time of year you go fishing.

It is recommended that when using scent bait you change it often even if nothing has hit it. This should be done at least every twenty to thirty minutes. The reason for this is because after bait has been underwater for awhile it looses it smell and appeal preventing you from getting a bite.

When you notice that everyone around you is catching fish but you are not having any luck at all, try changing the size of the bait you are using. It is a good possibility that the bait will either be small or too big for the fish in that area.

When saltwater shore fishing, the retrieval is extremely important. If you reel in the line very slowly you have a good chance of snagging a fish on the way in. This has happened many times in the past.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with shiny tackle and beads. Sometimes these will attract the fish faster than anything else you could use and you will never know how successful you can be unless you try.

Avoid populated areas where there are people everywhere. Not only will you be distracted by everyone around you but all the noise discourages the fish from taking the bait.

Early mornings and late evenings are the best times to go shore fishing. This is when the beaches and waters are less crowded and when the fish tend to be the most active when it comes to feeding. Be sure to bring a quality Spinning Reel – I would suggest Shimano Fishing Reels, Daiwa Reels or Penn Reels.

Where to Search for the Saltwater Fish

It is well-known that different species of fish hang out in different areas and depths of the water. It is for this reason where to search for the saltwater fish of your choice will mainly depend on what species you are fishing for.

Still, there are some basic rules that apply that will narrow your search and make it easier for you to know where to begin.

by Daniel Eggertsen


How many fishing rods can i use at one time in California?

I just wanted to know how many fishing poles i can have with lines in the water at one time while surf fishing (I have my Fishing license) Around malibu across to Manhattan beach/Redondo beach.

you are not limited while surf fishing.
28.65. GENERAL. Except as provided in this article, fin fish may be taken only on hook and line or
by hand. Any number of hooks and lines may be used in all ocean waters and bays except:
(a) San Francisco and San Pablo bays between the Golden Gate Bridge and the west Carquinez
Bridge, where only one line with not more than three hooks may be used.
(b) On public piers, no person shall use more than two rods and lines, two hand lines, or two nets,
traps or other appliances used to take crabs.
(c) When rockfish (genus Sebastes), lingcod (Ophiodon elongatus), cabezon (Scorpaenichthys marmoratus),
or kelp or rock greenlings (Hexagrammos decagrammus and Hexagrammos lagocephalus) are
aboard or in possession, where only one line with not more than two hooks may be used pursuant to
Sections 28.55, 28.27, 28.28 or 28.29, respectively.

the second rod validation is required for freshwater only. saltwater rod limitations are fixed. where it says one rod (or two), THAT is the amount you are limited to.

what type of fishing equipment do i need to start fishing in jacksonville florida?

price is not and issue. Completely new to Fishing so know very little.
Will be fishing on the inter coastal. what type of rod, reel, and basically everything should I look at buying?

Like Andrew mentions- You must decide whether you’ll be Fresh or Saltwater fishing?

If you are (completely) new to fishing, you’ll probably want to purchase a Spinning outfit.

Spinning reels are easier to learn fishing/casting on than baitcaster’s.

For general Saltwater fishing from a beach/pier/inlet/jetty you will need a rod and reel comparable to these:

#1. Shimano, Spheros SP 5000 (or 4000)-

#2. Ugly Stik Tiger Series-

If you want something more lasting and expensive-

#1. Fin-Nor OFS (45 size)-

#2. Shimano Stella-

Go to and read reviews for reels/rods.

(Keep in mind- it’s always more important to purchase a good (more expensive) reel VS a crazy (expensive) rod. Why?? A reel has "moving parts" and can’t easily (or cheaply) be replaced, whereas, a cheap rod can still function. With proper care a well-made reel can last 10 plus years – BUT – even expensive rods will degrade and typically have a shorter lifespan- esp in saltwater.)

Other important items for Saltwater (pier/jetty/ICW) fishing-

#1. Tackle bag-

#2. Knife

#3. 12-14 LB Mono line-

(You may opt to use Braided line- which is fine- but, if you use braided line for bottom fishing you will need to use a leader LIGHTER than the braid.)

#4. Fluorocarbon leader-

#5. (Sharp) Circle hooks (sizes 2/0 – 4/0)

#6. J-hooks (sizes 1/0 – 4/0)

#7. Fishing pliers

#8. Swivels (preferably ball-bearing)

#9. 10" sized Bobbers (for Slip-Bobber fishing) & Popping Corks

#10. Jigheads (1/4 – 1 OZ) – for Jig/live shrimp/Mud-minnow and Jig/Berkley GULP applications

- Info on fishing-

Need further help? Let me know.

What are the penalties in Texas for hunting ferral hogs on someones land?

Ive been bow-Hunting feral hogs on a piece of land and was recently told that its private property. I know allot of people bow hunt there too and they didn’t know it was either. What are the legal penalties for hunting a non-game animal on someone else’s land?

Trespassing in Texas is punishable by up to a $2,000 fine and 180 days in jail, and confiscation of your gear, and that’s just for trespassing and does not include poaching. In addition, trespassers are subject to being shot; I personally know of instances where poachers have been shot and killed and no charges were filed on the land owner. Using someone else’s land without permission is illegal and is the ultimate disrespect. I have shot at people who I caught poaching on my land. I didn’t try to kill them, but I scared the crap out of them and they never come back and hopefully they learned their lesson.

People who trespass and poach game give hunters and gun owners everywhere a bad reputation. Almost all land in Texas is privately owned. Don’t be a part of the problem. Go to the county appraisal district website, look up who owns the property, and ask permission. The owner may be perfectly happy to let you get rid of some hogs. If he lets you hunt, have one butchered and take him some sausage. Show some respect and you will be welcomed back.

The link below is for the appraisal district of every county in Texas.

What are the differences between hunting license and gun license?

Does the gun license include hunting? How old it is to be able to get a gun license?
I live in TN, so do I need to go to the firearms place to get the gun license? And can you take the gun license test online? If yes what is the web address?

Different things. A hunting license is allows you to hunt and usually indicates you have take a hunters safety course. The fees often pay for the conservation and enforcement of Hunting laws.

A gun license is a fictional license the TV and movies use to make it easy for fictional cops to locate the owner of a fictional gun or to hassle a fictional gun owner. In reality there are only a few places that require an special ID to buy/own a gun. In most frees states, such as TN, a license is not required to own, possess, or buy a gun.

TN does require a "permit" to openly or concealed carry a handgun:

why dont we consider hunting a cruelty to animals?

We are planning a nation wide signature collection to make Hunting cruelty to animals. Animals needs to be killed by authorized meat sellers or by government animal control. The signatures will be presented to the Congress. This efforts will help solve the unnecessary holding of guns in some homes.

People who hunt use the meat for their homes. Its the same as cattle farming for some people. Over population of deer in many areas allows for the necessity of hunting to keep the population down. If it was just done as sport it may be considered cruel but the majority of the people who hunt do use the meat and many times the skin and other product from the animals they hunt.

I also don’t believe that owning a gun is unnecessary. Who are you to say that someone has no right to protect themselves? Right to bear arms is in the constitution.

Is there any places in cincinnati that allow fishing over night without a license?

I’m wanting to go with a group of friends fishing overnight but none of us have fishing permits. Are there any places in Cincinnati that allow overnight fishing?

I believe that all 50 states in the U.S. require a fishing license. Most states require that you have a Fishing license if you are over the age of 16, but that age varies between states. I would check the Ohio fishing & wildlife site:

If you do decide to fish at night without a license, you may be hit with a fine if you are caught. Good luck, and I hope this helped!

My father and I want to start hunting this coming season and need some proffesional advice?

My father and I want to go Hunting this fall but we’re not sure how to start. We want to know what the best game to hunt is for a begginner and if we should be buying a shotgun or a rifle.

Squirrels are a little more challenging to hunt. Some good games to hunt as beginners would be Pigeons & Quails. As a beginner gun, go with a break barrel shotgun single shot. Something like a Rossi 20 gauge would be fine. As someone else already said, no matter what gun you decide to buy. It would be a good idea to carry another firearm for extra protection. Such as a 9mm, .38 special or .357… I have a Browning Gold 12 gauge automatic shotgun & I carry a .38 special on the side. My father has a Browning 20 Gauge & he carries a 9mm on the side. Make you sure you got plenty of water.